Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taking the Scooter Home

So I got my wife a scooter for mother's day. It has been sitting at my parents' house all week. Yesterday we finally got our helmets, our learner's permits, and the time to go pick it up from their house. We practiced around the neighborhood for a while to get used to how it handled and then drove it from Bountiful to Layton.

It was fun to ride but I kept forgetting to turn the turn signal off after turns. My wife did too. Hopefully we'll get used to that. I'll be interested to see what our real world mileage will be on this thing after a few tanks. It should be somewhere between 80 mpg to 100 mpg. That is a lot better than 18 mpg from her truck. It is also a lot of fun.

The initial investment should pay for itself over the first two years or so (which is also the warranty period). On the plus side, we paid cash for it and therefore have no debt associated with it to make it even more expensive. On the negative side, we might have paid too much for that two year warranty. I suppose time will tell and even if that is the case, the fuel savings will help offset the not looking hard enough for better bargains. Live, learn, and live some more.

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