Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Snowball The Wonder Subie

A couple of weeks ago, we went car shopping for my wife. Her truck is nice but not great for hauling people which is tricky for YW activities at church and we do plan on getting some kids of our own (I wonder if Walmart has any for sale...). So, after a very long afternoon and evening of test drives and searching, we found Snowball The Wonder Subie.

We got Snowball for very very cheep from a guy who replaced him with another Subaru Outback. Snowball has a heart condition and will require an engine transplant eventually. For now, though we keep the RPMs low and save up for the operation. Aside from a loud noise on start up and some engine knocking at high RPMs this little 98 Subaru Outback is a very nice car.

The windows work, the locks work, the lights work, everything works! Another plus is that it has a manual transmission which will make hypermiling it easier. And the previous owner gave us a full size spare tire along with the little standard spare, a rear area pull over cover, and an awesome dog grill to keep the critters in the back instead of in the driver's face.

I'll have to hook up the scangauge to it and see if we can eek out 30+ mpg out of this All-Wheel-Drive vehicle. DW has been learning a bit of hypermiling technique just to keep from overworking the poor engine before the transplant. We love our new Snowball.