Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finally a name!

After several weeks of driving my new to me Toyota Yaris, I have finally come up with his name.  Meet Go-Kart, the Wonder Hatchback. I had repeatedly commented to people how it handles like a go kart and then I was reading a post to my wife, where another driver commented on it's go kart like handling and we both had that "ah-hah!" moment.  We finally had a name for our nimble little sprinter.

 It would be easy and fun not to hypermile the little guy but already, my first three tanks of gas were 43.61, 46.35, and 49.33 MPG respectively.  It has reinvigorated the sense of joy and fun in trying to eke out good fuel economy.  I suspect by summer, I'll easily be able to break past the 50 MPG mark.  My goal is to exceed Sippy The Wonder Saturn's high of 52.999 MPG.