Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meet Scoot, My first Electric Vehicle

As a combination of lucky second hand store find and an early birthday present to me, my wife bought me my own electric scooter. We saw one a few months ago at the local Deseret Industries but didn't buy it at the time as it didn't have a charger. This one did.

Scoot was listed at $40 but my better half managed to talk them down to $25 because the throttle wires had been cut and the rear tire had a flat. Within minutes of working on the scooter, I had the throttle wires re-spliced and the throttle test had the rear wheel spinning nicely. This week I'll put in a new tube (probably a flat resistant one) and she'll be on the road again... or maybe the sidewalk. Its a 24v motor and probably doesn't have much power or range.

This small and simple vehicle is going to be my get used to electric vehicles vehicle and possible concept testbed. Someday I might swap out the default battery pack for deep cycle lead acid 6v or 12v batteries for some serious range extension. Then I might take the motor, batteries, and throttle off the scooter and put them into an electric bicycle, or (what I really want to try), a two seater quadracycle. I'll have to make sure I don't over do the amps with the motor under load though.

I also have pictures of Scoot's big brother Fuzzy (because his black and white body reminds us of a police scooter). This is the wife's daily commuter. Isn't he cute.

And the two of them together. Awe!

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Becca said...

Aww! What a cute scoot!